bad odors and tastes in drinking water What causes objectionable odor and taste in your water?

There are several causes of unpleasant odor and taste in water on the Delmarva Peninsula. Some towns and cities have objectionable levels of chlorine in their treated water, which sometimes results in a ‘swimming pool’ odor and bitter taste. In well water, decaying organic matter and dissolved gasses often produce hydrogen sulfide, resulting in a ‘rotten egg’ odor. It’s also not uncommon for municipal or well water in certain low-lying areas to have elevated levels of dissolved solids which may give the water a ‘salty’ taste. Your Delmarva Water Solutions specialist will be happy to discuss any problems you may have regarding your water’s objectionable taste or smell.

How can I correct objectionable odor and taste in my water?

Our model ERR3700R20 water refining system is specially designed for municipal applications. This system will not only remove objectionable levels of chlorine, but will soften the water throughout your entire home.

Our model ETF2300PF12 is one way to remove odor and improve taste. This system will adsorb the hydrogen sulfide gas and polish the water – giving it a better taste and that clear water sparkle!

Proportional Chlorine Injection removes high levels of hydrogen sulfide and controls bacteria. With our model DWS-1/2 Feeder System, we can guarantee odor free water no matter how bad the stench! – there will be no objectionable smell or taste of chlorine in your water.

Our EcoWater ERO-375 Reverse Osmosis System not only removes objectionable levels of chlorine, but will also remove 95% of the total dissolved solids resulting in the healthiest, cleanest, and best tasting water possible. Stop hauling those inconvenient, expensive, heavy, and environmentally unfriendly bottles of water today!