nitrates in water on delmarva Do I have Nitrates in my water & where to they come from?

Most often, nitrates are found in shallow wells (less than 90 feet). Sources of nitrates can include run-off or seepage from fertilized agricultural lands, animal feed lots, and septic systems. Geologic formations and direction of groundwater flow may also effect nitrate concentrations. High nitrate levels in drinking water pose a health risk for infants, as they have been proven to cause methemologlobinemia (“blue-baby” syndrome) which reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Although many believe boiling water will remove nitrates, the exact opposite is true. Although boiling your water kills bacteria, it actually intensifies nitrates among other contaminants as pure water is boiled off (as steam), while contaminants are left behind. The EPA has adopted a primary drinking water standard for nitrates of < 10 ppm. This standard is mandatory for public water systems and should also be regarded for private water supplies.

Do I have nitrates in my water?

Unlike iron, you cannot see, smell, or taste nitrates. Your Delmarva Water Solutions consultant can test your water to determine if you have nitrates and recommend the appropriate treatment solution(s).

How can I correct my nitrate problem?

Delmarva Water Solutions can easily remove nitrates with our:
DWS-N03 Whole House System
EcoWater’s ERO-375 point-of-use, drinking water system