iron problems in water on delmarva

What is Iron?

There are three basic forms of iron:
  • Ferrous Iron, also known as “clear water iron.” This is iron that has not been exposed to oxygen, and therefore has not “rusted” or oxidized. It is the dominant form of iron on Delmarva.
  • Ferric Iron, also known as “red water iron.” This type of iron is not dissolved in water, but is suspended in solution. If your water is running red from the tap, it often indicates you have a well problem, or a pump problem that is introducing oxygen to the water.
  • Iron bacteria are living organisms which feed on iron in the water, and can often be observed in the flush tank of your toilet. Iron bacteria is not a health risk and can be corrected by “shocking” the fixture with bleach.
Do I have iron in my water?
If you have iron in your water, you may experience some of the following:
  • Water turns from clear to yellow after standing for a period of time
  • Staining of brown or yellow on fixtures
  • White items in the laundry stain yellow after washing
  • Bitter metallic taste in water
How can I correct my iron problem?
Delmarva Water Solutions specializes in correcting high iron in your water. The problem can be corrected with ECR3700R30, the ESD2702, or the ESD2700R18.