hard water problems on delmarva What is Hard Water?

Hard water is defined as alkaline water that has a high mineral content, usually caused by calcium and magnesium.

Do I have HARD WATER? Hard water is often easy to detect. Your water specialist can determine the amount of hardness in your water. If you have hard water, you may experience some of the following:
  • soap will not lather
  • white spots on clean glasses, coffee pots; buildup of white ‘crust’ or ‘scale’ on shower fixtures and doors, chrome surfaces, faucets, and water using appliances
  • dingy clothing
  • damage from scale buildup on hot water heaters and other water using appliances
  • clogged fixtures, shower heads, pipes (over a period of time)
  • dull hair, dry and/or itchy skin
How can I correct my HARD WATER problem?
We can easily correct this problem with ECR3700R30, ESD2702, or the ESD2700R18.