acidic water problems What is acidic water?

Water is considered to be acidic when the pH is less than 7.0. As rain falls from the sky, it picks up carbon dioxide, which in turns creates carbonic acid – otherwise known as ‘acid rain’. This acidic water slowly percolates down through the soil, eventually becoming groundwater. Because many of the wells on Delmarva are shallow (less than 90 feet), the groundwater doesn’t pass through a sufficient amount of minerals (limestone) in order to become naturally neutralized. It’s common for wells on Delmarva to have a pH as low as 5.0, which is 100 times more aggressive than a neutral pH of 7.0.

Do I have acidic water?

If you have copper plumbing, you may notice some blue/green staining and or discoloration on fixtures. Even if you don’t have copper pipes, you may notice your water heater (tank less water heaters are particularly susceptible) and fixtures don’t seem to last very long before springing leaks.

How can I correct acidic water?

Delmarva Water Solutions can easily raise your water’s pH to a non-corrosive level with our:
ETF2300PF12 or our DWS-1 Feeder System